Martock Cemetery

Martock Cemetery

Welcome to Martock Cemetery

Burials, interments of ashes or erections of memorials can only be carried out with the permission of Martock Parish Council and the owner of the exclusive right of burial (unless it is to inter the owner of the exclusive rights). Martock cemetery is a municipal cemetery and a member of the ICCM (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management). Martock Parish Council has a appointed gravedigger. Please contact the office for further details.

Martock Cemetery Address:

All Saints Church

Church Street



TA12 6JL



The burial ground has multiple plots of both graves and ashes burials. This site is not staffed.

The overall ground surface around all the burial plots is uneven and particular care is needed around these areas.

The parish council has a duty to preserve biodiversity requiring sensitive management of the burial ground.

Grass is cut twice a month from March-October and once a month from November-February.

Grass around the burial plots will be cut to maximise resistance to drought.

Visitors to the burial site need to be aware that weather conditions can affect grass growth which can be very vigorous.

Strong grass growth between cuts may at times make it more difficult to negotiate areas of uneven ground.

Care is also needed when it is wet.

The parish council strongly recommends that visitors keep to he paths wherever possible.

There is mains water positioned at the entrance of the church.

Green bins are for garden waste and dead flowers, no plastic please.


Photo by Chris Spracklen