Stoke Road Update

Those who use Stoke Road will be aware that during the evening and night time periods County Highways contractors have arranged the road work equipment so that emergency vehicles have access along the length of the road works.

The contractors have advised that for the next 2 days, (21.06.23. and 22.06.23),.that during the time when they are off site, it will not be possible to have access along the full length of the road works for safety reasons, and equipment will be preventing any through route for vehicular traffic.

The emergency services have been made aware.

There have been a number of occasions during the evening and overnight periods since the roadworks commenced, when drivers/riders of vehicles have used Stoke Road as a route to/from the A303. Some may not realise that if they are involved in an incident which involves an insurance claim that their insurance may reject the claim with the road being closed, leaving the claimant without insurance cover.

Any driver/rider of a vehicle should have insurance cover if they reside or have a business on Stoke Road, which includes any driver/rider visiting any premises on Stoke Road for a legitimate reason.

Please note that pedestrian access to Martock Workspace will be provided.

The closure using What 3 Words will be between,