Flood Update

The current situation is shown below, with no reports of flooding having been received, but the ‘Rising Level’ Flood Alarm on the in flow to the village has activated and it is rising :

Monitoring  Information 10.45am,22.02.24

Chiselborough – Current level 1.09m rising. Floods at 1.8m. Surface water is likely to be on the A356 Martock to Crewkerne road, care required once the Flood level is reached.

Gawbridge – Current level  1.69m, steady. Floods at 2.80m.  Surface water on Coat Road and Broadmead, together with Hawthorn Hill at the Kingsbury Rhyne culvert likely once Flood level is reached.

Long Load ​- Current level 9.09m falling,  Floods at 9.26m, when surface water is likely on either side of the road bridge.

Witcombe Bottom – Current level in Flood 8.51m steady. Floods at 8.44m 

Ilchester. Current Level 1.15m steady.  Floods at 2.90m

Pen Mill, Yeovil  Current Level 1.1m steady. Floods at 3.34m

Martock to South Petherton Road – ​OPEN with  some surface water, care required.

​Stoke Road, Martock – OPEN  with surface water, care required. The rising level Flood Alarm on the in flow to the village activated at 10am, 22.02.24, and the level  is rising.

Coat Road, Coat – OPEN with some surface water likely on the Coat Road, (Stapleton to Coat), section 50m on the Stapleton side of the old Railway Bridge, passable with care. 

Sparrows Corner, B3165, Bower Hinton – OPEN

Foldhill Lane – 500m from A303, some surface water care required.

B3165 Hurst and Bower Hinton – OPEN