Flood Updates Thursday 2nd November 2023

Monitoring Information


Chiselborough ​ In Flood 2.40m steady. Floods at 1.8m. ​Take care surface water is likely to be on the A356 Martock to Crewkerne road, once the river reaches 1.8m


Gawbridge Current Level in Flood 3.17m, falling. Floods at 2.80m.  Flood water on Hawthorn Hill, Broadmead and Coat Road and  Hawthorn Hill at the Kingsbury Rhyne culvert


Long Load  In Flood 10.11m, steady. Floods at 9.26m, surface water likely either side of the road bridge


Witcombe Bottom Current Level in Flood – 8.76m steady. Floods at 8.44m 


Ilchester Current level in Flood 3.12m rising. Floods at 2.90m


Martock to South Petherton road.  Not passable with surface water. 


​Stoke Road, Martock . Not passable with surface water, which is receding slowly


Coat Road, Coat – some surface water passable with care


This will be the last Flood Update today.